by Anna Stanuch

I heard many times small business owners complaining that the internet kills their profits. They see themselves as the participants of the fierce on-line vs. off-line war.  The balance occurs to them to be in favour of on-line shops, of course, but this is the wrong perception.

The real winners are those who ride both horses.

If you have a physical shop, even a very small one, you can ultimately change the fate of it by setting up an on-line shop as an addition.

Very important thing is not to compare the revenue of both shops and resist from drawing the fast conclusion on the bigger profitability of either of them.

This is why:

  1. Your ONLINE shop will drive OFFLINE sales

The internet has changed customers’ behavior completely and moved the power from sellers to buyers. Nowadays, people are looking for information mostly online. According to Google, 1 in 3 shoppers prefer to check the information on their smartphone rather than asking a staff member. It sounds awkward, but it is true, and you have to accept it.

No matter how skilled and energetic the sellers you employ, the significant percentage of your potential customers will look up your products online.  So, If you have an online shop, you own a large additional showroom for your offer.

Remember, customers prefer to search for information on-line, but still a lot them would rather make purchases offline. You probably know these kind of people, who want to be sure that they got this particular bike or those who believe that each pair of jeans is unique (it is, isn’t it?).

Google gives a very good example of stores selling holidays. Their foot traffic decreased by 55% within only three years from 2010 to 2013, but at the same time their sales increased by 13%. Why? Because most customers coming to a store were READY to buy after checking the offer online.

So, never think of closing down your online shop because nobody seems to BUY there. If you have traffic on your website, it is very likely that many of the visitors come to purchase from you in person.

  1. Your OFFLINE shop will drive ONLINE sales

There are many products people like to touch, watch or even smell before buying. For this reason, they come to online casino julietta your shop. They come to check carpets, fridges, toys, shoes, bikes and many other things you may sell. Then they leave, go home and buy online. It means less hassle for them or it’s cheaper, or they need to sit down and make up their mind in the peace of their own home.

If they got the clear message from you that they can buy online as well, they would be highly inclined to buy from you rather than from your competition. Fortunately, Cialdini’s rules still seem to work: if you give someone your time and attention (and let them smell that carpet), they feel the need to give something back.

Therefore, hand them a card with an online discount code or make the information about your online shop visible prominently all around the place. Tell them about special offers waiting online when you see they are going to leave your premises.

In short, make it easy for them to buy from you on-line when they finally make up their mind. you are smart, it will be not only easy but also OBVIOUS to buy from you rather than Amazon.

I strongly believe that all the digital revolution is an enormous opportunity for small business. Being present online and combining traditional trades with e-commerce elements can boost sales markedly.

If you need help with setting up an online store, contact us.

Anna Stanuch

Anna Stanuch

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